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A warm, friendly environment in which to study, grow and make friends. The unique concept of accommodation, flexible and freedom that gives you full space for living. We’ve been providing quality living facilities and food. Our main desire is to provide a home away from home. We know where, there is care, there is family. We stress on cleanliness, hygiene and comfort of the students. Aashray Hostel is here to help students to pursue their education and learn through life with understanding and pleasant personal experiences.

our hostels

ajwa hostel

Ajwa hostel provide facilities to students from Sigma Institute (Bakrol), ITM Universe (Jarod), VIT (Virod), KJIT (Savli), NeoTech (Dena), Babaria Institute (Varnama), Pioneer Pharmacy (Vadodara), MS University (Vadodara), The students enjoys their complete with all amenities. Our friendly and motivated team of professionals ensure that hostel is asthetically satisfying.

waghodia hostel

Waghodia Hostel provides facilities to students from Parul University (Waghodia), Sumandeep Vidhypeeth (pipalia), ITM Vocational(Raval), The rooms are specious and airy with natural surroundings. The cuisine is simply amazing. The students have a complete and life time memorable Hostel Experience. 2km from Parul University with access of Transportation.

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